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The art of Art

     The art of Art, is a new program that delves into the creative process of visual and performing artists, and is hosted by Los Angeles-based artist Shane Guffogg. 

It was ongoing Guffogg’s passion for art and the need to connect with the audience that inspired the series. To date, there are twelve episodes filmed. These episodes will be released in small chapters. The visuals of each episode are a feast for the eyes as Guffogg takes the viewer for studio and gallery visits that set the tone for insightful discussions about the impulse to create and the techniques that are used, giving this series a rare look-into our human need to express and communicate through art.


     This partnership of Hieronyvision and Shane Guffogg is the beginning of an exciting and creative endeavor. HV is an online hub for independent movies, music, and art, like all those neighborhood cinemas, record shops, galleries and bookstores we love. It’s designed for anyone looking to discover new content and an arts community.

HV is many things; part streaming platform, community space, talent incubator, production entity, distributor … and much more.  It’s where artists can meet, create, share, discover and be discovered. 

Most importantly, HV is created by filmmakers, writers, musicians and artists. That’s why membership is priced for artists. We believe culture should cost less than a cup of coffee!

You can sign up to become a member of HV and be a part of this inspiring community of talented professionals at:

Artists with forthcoming episodes are: Laura Hipke, Vonn Sumner, Michael Rosenfeld, Susanna Schulten, Mark Acetelli, Holly Rothschild, Luke Rothschild, Jim McHugh, Mpambo Wina, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Stanley Dorfman, Prime, Raymond J. Barry, Xander Berkeley, and Shane Guffogg.

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Launch Party Impromptu Speech

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