Crossings The Water Colors: Shane Guffogg

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Shane Guffogg   Crossings

Shane Guffogg  Crossings

Crossings – The Watercolors

Shane Guffogg
March 8, 2011

“A crossing is an intersection, an information system, a cage, containment, a choice, a denial, a structure, a maze, an overpass, a forest, a movement between worlds.” 2002

Beginning in 2001, I would start each day by entering my studio in downtown Los Angeles after driving from Hollywood and walk around the room, saying everything that was on my mind out loud until I didn’t have anything else to say. Then I would lay out a piece of paper, sometimes 2 or 3, and begin working.

I would have a spray bottle filled with water and bottles of watercolor lined up, then pick a color and load up the eye dropper and draw a line.

The first mark was without fore thought. It was spontaneous, starting at the top and moving toward the bottom. Every mark after that became a conscious duplicate of the first until the page was full and the process would begin again with mark after mark crossing over the first series of lines.

Chance always seems to be a factor in life and it played an equal role in these watercolors. Once the grids of color had been laid down, chance was emulated by flooding the paper with water. The movement of the water and the watercolors had as much to do with my hand manipulating the paper as it did with the angle of the floor where the paper was or the temperature inside my studio or the movement of air in the room. I knew the wooden floor well and would slide the paper to a certain spot for the watercolor to move in a desired direction.

Thought became action and action became chance and at that moment I changed from creator to spectator as I witnessed the organic path water will always take.

My intentions for the Crossings series were for the watercolors to be a record of a moment that captured the dance between chaos being juxtaposed over order.