Shane Guffogg's exhibition
“The Observer is the Observed"

Grand opening: February 21, 7:00 PM,

Gallery of the Museum Center

49 Neftchiller Avenue, Fourth Floor, Baku, Azerbaijan

Organizers: International Art agency Marika Parsadanelli,
Carpentier Art - Paris, France, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Azerbaijan, Museum Center, the US Embassy in Azerbaijan

Shane Guffogg is one of the most desired American artist. His creativity and collections are admired by ex-president of USA Bill Clinton and senator Hillary Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Meg Ryan, Ed Harris, Sean William Scott, and other world famous politicians, cinematographists and show business persons. Shane Guffogg’s artwork is also situated in selected collections. He was born in Los-Angeles where he also got the art education in Californian Institute of Art. Since 1989 to 1995 Shane worked with Edward Ruscha, famous creator of "text painting". Guffogg represents the modern school of abstractionism. He uses the oil paintings, water colors, gouache, pastel on canvas and paper, and also the zink plate. Shane uses the glaze technique, which had a huge popularity among artists of XVI century. February 21, 2017 will be the grand opening of the exhibition #GUFFOGG, which will be held at the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan - one of the most attractive spaces of the hospitable city of Baku. The building of the Museum Center, located in the city center at the Seaside Boulevard - the famous historical and architectural monument of the capital. It is the venue of various state events, round tables, memory evenings of art and culture, international symposia on art, days of culture of different countries of the world, jazz evenings and classical music in a museum, theater and fashion shows, awards artists, activities for children , international exhibitions and biennales and contemporary puppetry, various art competitions, annual exhibitions of folk arts and crafts, personal exhibitions of young and famous artists, photo and digital exhibitions and many other shows different trends in art. Azerbaijan three important museum located in the building.

The exhibition will be held under support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and the US Embassy in Azerbaijan. Extended until April 6, 2017. The exhibition will be organized #GUFFOGG a variety of educational and cultural activities. Organizer of the international project #GUFFOGG the international art agency of Marika Parsadanelli and Carpentier Art Gallery (Paris). Producer and exclusive agent of artist Shane Guffogg: Pierre Marcand Art - coordinator of artist Shane Guffogg: Celia de Palma The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first presents a picture of the early period of the artist that have been written before 2008. Each works has up to 80 layers of translucent paint that gives the canvas inner glow effect. In the second part - the works that Guffogg dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. His creative artist called wordless poetry. A list of private and public collections, with a list of personal and collective exhibitions Shane Guffogg can be found on the official website of the artist:

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