Patrick Carpentier Presents:

Shane Guffogg
The Observer is the Observed

176-page luxury catalog of Guffogg's mid-career survey. The museum tour debuted in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Baku, Azerbaijan, opening February 21, 2017. The hardbound book will be available at each museum on the tour. The catalog features a foreword by Paul Ruscha, lush color images of all the paintings in the exhibition, plus rarely seen photos from inside both of Guffogg’s California studios. A fascinating record of the exhibition and a review of the past 27 years of Guffogg’s career. Essays in English and Russian that offer insight to his paintings and sculpture.

Cover photo by Jim Mc Hugh

Hardcover book 9 X 12 inches


Paintings / Poems

Poems by Coco Owen Paintings by Shane Guffogg

Paperback, 37 Pages


In Paintings / Poems, poet Coco Owen used paintings by Shane Guffogg as the spring board to write a collection of soaring and thoughtful poems.


Paul Ruscha's Full Moon  

July 1, 2006
By Paul Ruscha Foreword by Shane Guffogg


Paul Ruscha is a photographer, calligrapher, and all around character. In 2005 there was an exhibition of his extensive collection of art and curiosities at the famed Pharmaka gallery in Los Angeles, California. "Paul Ruscha's Full Moon", is the book based on the exhibition. The soft bound book is filled with photographs and amusing stories about some of Paul's Ruscha's favorite artists including a chapter dedicated to Shane Guffogg. You will find Ruscha's personal insights into Guffogg's early career and life. 

Highly recommended reading. (You will fall in love with Paul Ruscha before your reach the last chapter.)

The Maker of Day

By Shane Guffogg


This hard cover book was produced by Leslie Sack Fine Art in 2008. There are only a few copies floating around out there and worth grabbing if you can find one.