Baku, Azerbaijan

Museum Tour in Baku, Azerbaijan

I think about art as something that goes beyond borders and has the capability to transcend time, speaking to generations of viewers long after the artists completed their work.
When an artist's work can go beyond the region or country of which they live, and reach other countries, that is powerful because the art has transcended its time and place of origin.

There are countries and cities that do something similar. Baku is one of those cities, with her perfect blend of eastern and western architecture of the past that has now been joined with modern marvels of glass and steel that speak of the future while protecting her identity and beauty of the previous centuries.

It is an honor for me to exhibit my work in such a great city that embraces the future and past. My art is about the history of painting and about our time now. I have come to realize over the years that my work is a series of wordless poems that are to be read and experienced on an emotional level that basically says, these works of art are a summation of my experiences. My hope is that these experiences go beyond me and speak to the people of the great city of Baku.


Shane Guffogg                                                                                                             

January 11th 2017