A photo of Shane Guffogg when he was a baby.
Shane Guffogg and his mom when he was 3.
A photo of Shane and Neil Guffogg in Bolton.

1962 : Born August 12th, 1962, to Neil and Patricia Guffogg.

1968 : In first grade, assigned to draw a self-portrait in the shower or bath. Recognized as sensitive and gifted by teachers.

1975 : Family offered an exotic bird farm in Strathmore, including a schoolhouse built in 1904. Purchase includes a tractor, bird aviaries, and a wholesaler business of pet birds.

1976 : Summer trip to England. Neil Guffogg's first return since leaving Bolton, England, in 1957. Begins high school, playing quarterback and participating in track and field. Recognized for artistic talents.

1980 : Awarded most valuable athlete award and the Bank of America award for Art and Music. Travels to Europe for the summer, Begins classes at the local Junior college, majoring in Music with a minor in art.

Walnuts by Shane Guffogg.
Rubik's cube by Shane Guffogg.
Rubik's cube by Shane Guffogg.
Rubik's cube by Shane Guffogg.

1981 : Makes Self-Portait as Rebrandt.
Begins work on a three-panel 28-foot long painting depicting the Rubik’s cube. Does a studio visit with artist Joe Goode.

1983 : Transfers to Cal Arts. Begins series of paintings of empty jackets.

1985 : Begins internship in New York with Artist Gary Stephan. Goes to the Greek Island of Paros for the summer. Finishes last semester with a final solo exhibition of Memory paintings and drawings.

1986 : Drives around the Western United States, living in a car.
Continues Memory paintings while working as a contractor.

1987 : Returns to the family ranch, creates new paintings depicting Pears and 100 Walnuts. Begins building movie sets in Hollywood. Records an EP and loses left index finger in construction accident.

1988 : Art shifts to fuse techniques of the Old Masters and Abstract expressionists.

1989 : Creates a 16-panel painting titled "Back to Front and Back Again.
" Begins working part-time for Joe Goode and Ed Ruscha. Has first exhibition in commercial gallery.

1990 : Travels to the USSR on a peace walk.

1991 : Moves into a studio in Venice Beach CA. Begins pattern paintings using images from Dallas Fort Worth airport radar screen.

1993 : Moves to Hollywood studios, former studios of Ed Ruscha.

1995 : First solo exhibition at Kantor Gallery in Los Angeles. Marries actress Martha Gehman.

1999 : Son Neville Parsons Guffogg is born. Moves studio to Downtown LA and begins work on the Cannac series.

2001 : Moves studio back to Hollywood.

2003 : Forms artist group Pharmaka and launches first large-scale exhibition.

2004 : Pharmaka becomes a nonprofit and a gallery with the same name is opened. First trip to Venice Italy.

2008 : First Solo exhibition with Leslie Sacks Gallery.

2009 : Closure of Pharmaka due to economic collapse. Files for Divorce from Martha Gehman. Begins "At the Still Point of the Turning World" series.

2011 : Still Point solo exhibition at Leslie Sacks gallery.

2012 : Retrospective in Naples Italy at the Pianta Villa di Donato.

2015 : Retrospective titled "The Observer is the Observed" at The Imperial Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2017 : Dance of Thought at Manhattan Beach Art Center, Manhattan Beach, CA. Retrospective titled "The Observer is the Observed" at The Gallery of the Museum Center Baku, Azerbaijan.

Shane Guffogg and his son Neville.
Shane Guffogg portait by Bobby.
A photo of the Second Shane Guffogg's Studio.
Photo in museum in Russia for Shane Guffogg artworks exhibition.
Photo of a museum in Baku for Shane Guffogg artworks exhibition.

2021 : "40 Years of Self-Portraits” at Orange County Center for Art Santa Ana, CA.

2022 : Meets pianist Anthony Cardella and AI software programmer Jonah Lynch.

2023 : Trip to Venice Italy. Starts three paintings connecting colors to musical chords. Starts twenty-one paintings exploring TS Eliot’s poem, "Four Quartets".

2024 : Music created by AI from the painting "Words Move Music Moves" is performed live. "At the Still Point of the Turning World, Strangers in Time" opens at the Bovolo Museum Venice, Italy

Sounds of Color and the music sheet.
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