Museum Exhibition in Baku, Azerbaijan

Directed by Eric Minh Swenson. Shane Guffogg's latest paintings are titled after a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, Ginevra de' Benci, a portrait of a young woman painted in 1480. In his own words, "I am having a visual conversation with Leonardo da Vinci through his painting, and bringing it forward to my time and place."

Il TG3 Campania intervista la Curatrice Cynthia Penna della Mostra di Shane Guffogg a Villa Di Donato organizzata da ART1307 con il patrocinio del Consolato Generale degli Stati Uniti d'America a Napoli.

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Shane Guffogg : The origins for the glass sculptures started as drawings in 1997, though, at that time, I wasn't aware of it. I was making drawings of the shapes that were formed in the space around the ribbon-esques images I was painting.

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Sa Gee. Shane Guffogg has been visually exploring the painting titled Ginevra de' Benci by Leonardo da Vinci for two years – investigating small details of line and color that he pulls out and conceptually transfers on to canvas, to which he then responds and adds to in what Guffogg likes to call his visual conversation with Leonardo.