At the Still Point

At the Still Point

In the exploration of art, thoughts transform into words which in turn define thoughts; a single brushstroke encapsulates a myriad of thoughts.

The process of creating an image involves countless brushstrokes that collectively form a visual narrative akin to written language, a dance with the intangible, endeavoring to materialize abstract concepts into the tangible realm. The poetry of T. S. Eliot’s “ Four Quartets," acts as a catalyst for the fusion of hand and mind, facilitating a harmonious synchronization that navigates through different dimensions of time and space within the artistic process. Eliot's evocative language prompts a meditative state, allowing the artist to traverse between the background, middle-ground, and foreground – symbolizing the past, present, and future in the artistic creation.

The Conscious Occupation of a Praying Mind

Through the act of painting, the artist seeks to capture his own still point, a moment of communion with the continuum of time and the human experience.


It is a quest to unveil the ephemeral beauty of what is, what was, and what may yet be glimpsed in the eternal dance of creation and contemplation.


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